The new high-touch market and how you need to adapt.

Historically, if you were a business that sold a product or service at a higher price point, then your market would be considered a high-touch sales market. For simplicity think B2B, auto and real estate, or high-end retail but this can apply to any market that needed a lot of convincing to buy. They needed a personalized touch to walk them through to the point of transaction.

If you wanted their business, you needed a human to engage them almost immediately and convince them why you were the one to buy from. Picture the car salesperson who walks up to you as soon as you set foot on the lot. You have made the decision to consider that dealer and it is their job to make sure you don’t leave until you’ve bought something. Even at lower price points, this happens all the time. How many times have you been walking around a store only to feel the lingering salesperson waiting to pounce?

Fast forward to today and the modern consumer. Consumers are making their buying decisions before ever even interacting with a sales or brand rep. They do their research online, get recommendations from friends, read reviews, comparison shop through websites, and pretty much have their mind made up even for things like cars and homes. Maybe they need to see it in person just to be sure, but their mind is pretty much made up. They want it and they only need to interact with the agent/rep because they can’t buy it through an app (yet).

So how can your business take advantage of this? By ensuring that your potential customer is seeing your brand and learning as much as possible all the time. You need to be sending the crucial information to your potential customers so that when it comes time to make a choice, you already have clout in their brain. Don’t hoard your industry secrets as some proprietary knowledge that you will only grace on a customer if they reach out to you. Give that information away for free. Tell people what they need to know and what to consider when buying products/services in your market.

If you are informing the customer, then you are seen as a knowledgable resource who can be trusted when it comes time to make a buying choice. If you make it your goal to have the most informed customers on the planet, they will reward you and give you the easiest sale you’ve ever had because their mind has already been made up before even approaching you.

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